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Our summer season

Our libraries are ready to launch our summer reading programs. We are thrilled with this year’s theme, Every Hero Has a Story, and have packed our June and July schedules with events for superheroes and real-life heroes. We’ve got magic, stunts, thrilling performers, gadgets, creative projects and more.

We love hosting our educational events, but our summer really revolves around reading. We love placing the right book with the right reader. To go along with this summer’s theme, we have stocked our shelves with great books and movies feature the most amazing, incredible, clever, death-defying, courageous, and electrifying heroes of all time as well as the most despicable, arrogant, greedy, deceitful, bizarre, and diabolical villains of all time. Good versus evil battles it out on our shelves. Let us know what heroes and villains you love (or love to hate) the most! We love to talk about this stuff!

We invite you into our libraries for a spectacular summer of entertaining and creative fun. Kick back, read, and enjoy.

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